Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GOProud. Not my cup o' tea, yet gets my support.

Recently, our Republican side of the Family has been slapped in the face. Now as a long standing Democrat, and a Kennedy style one at that, I need to say something in their defense. GOProud is the Republican Gay group and they were told by CPAC , the Conservative Political Action Committe, that they were not going to be invited or allowed to join the next convention. Now, they may enter as individuals, just not as a group in whole. Is this another attempt to quiet the gay population? You be the judge. They are not out their pushing for any "gay agenda" in the GOP. They are there for the same purpose. The same beliefs as other fellow Republicans. They too would like the removal of Obama. They too are pushing for more conservatism in the political arena. Nowhere is it found that they are pushing gay rights, marriage rights, DADT, DOMA.

It just seems that the good ole boys in the GOP don't like gays. PERIOD. When you have groups like Focus on the Family saying that they are working on CPAC problems from the inside, and this arises, what is one to think?  What problems? Here is a group the fully supports the Republican party. More so than most everyday Joe Die Hard Repubs. When Focus was on Capitol Hill recently, for the DOMA hearings, their spokesperson said he didn't see where it caused harm. SHOT DOWN. Now to reload, they go after their own supporters. Why do I hear a line from The Wizard of Oz? "I'll get you my pretties! And your little dog Toto, too!"

Just the other day, Conserva-nut Ann Coulter, was on T.V. On the Joy Behar Show, {love her!}. "Enough of the "Gay" already", she exclaimed. "Why are they pushing it down our throats?" "Stop it." Well, as one of the main speakers in CPAC, did or does she know of GOProud? Most GOProud members support her. Believe in her. She can't even defend them? NoWay! Their Gay!!!!!!! "It makes me sick" {Her words}.

Well, to my Republican brothers and sisters, I say "Hats Off". You go kids! You will have THIS Democrats support from now on. I used to think "What the hell? Are they nuts? How can you support the Repubs that don't like you?" You are in the midst of the largest group of Bulliers in America. The Bully pulpit of Teddy Roosevelt is not the same anymore. Its used to discriminate. To demean. To degrade. From the inside.
To be able to support a group that knowingly hates, knowingly goes against the Constitution and discriminates, takes loads of courage. More courage than I believe I have. Kudos and Standing ovation to you all!!

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