Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GOProud just blew it.

Recently, while checking out one of my followed blogs, I ran across this. reports that GOProud Chairman, Chris Barron, tweeted "If Bachman is responsible for bullying in her district, is Pelosi responsible for STD's in her district? Just wondering."
WTF? This from a Gay man? I could feel the steam start coming from my ears {you know, like an old cartoon character}. I was left speachless. One comment I liked was from LKINDC. "If Pelosi was running around telling people that condems were immoral and there was a spike in STD's in her district, then, yes it would be reasonable to ask if she bore some responsibility. She's not. So it isn't". As with much of the Republican party these days, Mr. Barron hasn't done his homework. Pelosi has spoken out against STD's and works on stopping the spread, whereas, Bachman does nothing to stop the spread of bullying.  She spreads it! She has even worked against anti-bullying efforts in her own home district. While were at it, on the subject of STD's, Chris Barron should check other fellow Republicans.
State Senator Ruben Diaz {R.-New York}, you know, the one who calls himself "Senator Reverend"? Well, he is against NYC's proposed Sex Education Program. Now it is noteworthy that his own home district, the Bronx, has the highest HIV rate in the nation. So who's really responsible for STD's in their district, Mr. Barron?

I do not understand why any homosexual albeit Far Right, Conservative, Moderate, Left-wing, would choose to even use a slap like STD's. With many of our brothers and sisters dead or dying of these dieases, how or why would any self respecting Homosexual would go to such extremes. You, sir, have just lost my respect. In a recent blog, I stated my support for GOProud. The way CPAC treated you was unfair. But you have just been unfair to your community. You are no better than the vile, disgusting bullies that taunt our community. For you to put that out there into cyberspace? For some red-neck fool to read? I hope that there aren't any sick or dying in there neighborhood.
And for those of you questioning for reporting this? Be glad someone is out there looking for the crack-nuts. we need to be informed of any hate that is spread to our community. I thank you Joe. Keep up the good work.
If this is the shared believe of GOProud members, then they have no reason to ask why CPAC tossed them out. If not, then time to rethink whos your Chairperson.

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