Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NPR... what?

Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy at work. Also been watching the Penn State fiasco!

Recently, Warren Olney of  the "To the Point" NPR radio show, had on as his guest, Jerry Cox. Now Cox, a traditional family values man, represents the Arkansas Family Council. He stated that the American Physchological Association "Beliefs that Lesbian and Gay adults are not fit parents." This was on a subject relating to Penn State.

Now, if your going to quote...quote correctly! The APA does say "there is no scientific basis for concluding Lesbian mothers or Gay fathers are unfit parents. On the contrary, they are as likely as Heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children."

Before I continue, I need to do a little class here. Bare with me. Learn a litte.

PEDERASTY: sexual relationships, whether or not consummated, between an adult male and a boy aged 12-17. Greek..Pias-boy   Erastis-lover. Most often incorrectly used by media as another word for Pedohilia.
There have been many Pederast in history. Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Emperor Hadrian, Mahmood Ghaznani, Pope Julius III, King James I, T.E.Lawrence, Tchaikovsky, Jules Verne, and the list goes on and on.
PEDOPHILE: an adult [male or female] who is sexually attracted to young children. No matter what the age.
Greek..Paedo-child   Philo-love.

OK here goes. It disgust me to no end when people use instances of child molestation to rail against Gay people. Homosexuals only want to be with other consenting adults.
Pederast, Pedophiles, Child-molesters are 90% Straight, Married with children people living an outward lie while they act on their perversion in private. Gay people are not like that!!!!

Coach Sandusky of Penn State, is a Pederast! He is not gay. He was not looking for sex with adult men. He is a child rapist and it involves children of the same sex...PEDERASTY. The idea that a child rapist is gay is a misconception people perpetuate when having these discussions.

If it were little girls, would Olney and his guest, Jerry Cox, question the validity of Heterosexuals adopting? Not to mention the "risk of allowing women to adopt if the abuser was female." What about the female teacher? Does this mean women can't adopt?

This past Monday, 11/14/11, Warren Olney offered an apology......
.....There is no connection between pedophilia and homosexuality and we never intended to say or imply there is. Our failure to make that distinction explicit was an oversight. We regret it, and we apologize.

You tell me. Sincere? Or just a quick save the program? Yet, the discussion still continues. Yet, we still get all the blame.