Wednesday, June 1, 2011

President proclaims LGBT Pride month

Well, so our President has proclaimed June 2011 as LGBT Pride month. Yes, I do belive we have had many strides since he has taken office. What with the repeal of DADT, no discrimination in the Federal workplace or Federal housing and all. But, Pride? To be proud?
Since taking office, state after state has taken or passed constitution bans on our rights. Take the right to marry for instance: Arkansa, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, and yes even the most liberal of all...OREGON, have all passed constitutional ammendments against gay marriage. Louisianas ban has been proclaimed unconstitutional by a Federal court.
Lawsuits persuing to gain these rights have been filed in: California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Washington, and yes the most liberal of all...Oregon. Courts in favor of marriage are Massachusetts, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii. The latter two being overridden by their own state constitutions.

Now to the right of adoption: Florida and Utah have both passed laws that state Gender Specific. ie: no same sex couples. North Carolina says that no unmarried shall adopt. We know what that means. Hooray for the states that do not care. California, Connecticut, Illinois (Which just adopted civil unions), Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington D.C. and yes that liberal of state...Oregon.

Since the repeal of DADT (Thats Dont ask Dont tell for those who dont like initials) the military still hasn't implemented it. It has, to the time of this post, been 163 days since President Obama signed it. Lawyers still aren't sure if "I'm a Homosexual" will still be admitted into service. If passed Dischargees will be readmitted. I was under the impression that our President was Commander in Chief? Hmmm, disobeying an order are we? The Navy institutes marriage on bases where states allow it, then strips that away one week later. Confused? I know I am.***see below

Now to the biggest one of all. At least to me. BULLYING. In his proclamation, the President mentions great strides. Great strides? Sir, the rate of teen suicides is on the rise. When will it end? More and more kids are being bullied on a dailey basis. Bullies are getting away with it. More and more teachers and principles are turning a blind eye. We send our kids to school to be taught not taunted. It ends when laws are passed to make it illegal. Illegal to bully, illegal to ignore. Bullies and their accomplices ( teachers, principles, any adult that ignores it) need to be held accountable for any teen or child committing suicide from being bullied.

Pride? To be proud? Yes I'm proud of my passed LGBT communities for standing up for their rights. Harry Hay and the Mattichine Society in the 1950's. Stonewall Drag queens in the 1960's. Harvey Milk in the 1970's. But as of late? It's time to take up a battle cry and reclaim the rights and fight for new rights that we are garaunteed as Americans.

As our Forefathers said, " All men are created equal. And they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".
***Footnote.....As of July 22, 2011 President Obama and the Military leaders of the United States have formalized the repeal of DONT ASK DONT TELL.

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