Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boycott? Sure! But riddle me this Batman...

First off, lets look at the definition of the word.....
1. to combine in abstaining from, or preventing dealings with, as a means of intimidation or coercion: to boycott a place of business.
2. to abstain from buying or using: to boycott foreign products.
Y'all know me. I can rant and rave till the cows or the Christ Himself comes home. Now, with that being said, what the hell is wrong with this world? Why are we acting like children? "Not me Mommie!" "It was them,Mommie!" Huh? Whats up?

So, Chick-Fil-A {CFA from here on out} COO Dan Cathy says the company is based on Christian principles. Sent money to support Anti-Gay Marriage groups and the like. WOO HOO!! Have we all been in the closet {So to speak}? Since the 1980's I have known they were a Christian based business. Closed on Sundays so that workers can attend church. Now do we expect that a Christian based business WOULDN'T support a group that had their beliefs? Why has it taken the gay community so long to come out of its closet and realise this? We should have been protesting this long long ago, my friends.

But my argument isn't with my community. No. My argument is with the people in SUPPORT of CFA.
Groups like One Million Moms {OMM} and the like. OMM has decided to take on the boycott fight. From J.C.Penny's and Ellen DeGeneres to NBC television to what have you. All because the say we are pushing the "Gay Agenda". Yeah! Like were the mafia. OK,I Digress. Now where was I?...oh yeah. Well fair is fair,right? Not to them. It's all good to protest what you believe is happening but, DO NOT protest us and our beliefs! Christian groups all this country over are crying foul that CFA has had this protest turn up against them. How dare these gay groups protest CFA for their beliefs.

Well riddle me this...Why is it ok for them and not for others. Mike Hukabee claims we are protesting CFA's First Amendment right. No that's not it at all. You have every right in the world to say what you want, right? Well, no. the Supreme Court of the United States has said that you can not yell fire in a crowded theatre. That would cause harm to others that may run out. We have Slander laws. Liable laws. Hate speech laws.

This is about what they do, not what they say. Say your Christian. I do. Say you don't agree with another's way of life. I do. But don't support known hate groups that want others or wish others dead! Or want to do harm! That is the protest we should and shall do.

OMM protest a business that they claim is destroying the moral fiber of our nation. Their new one is against NBC Studios for their new show "The New Normal" A single mom becomes a surrogate for a gay couple.
Oh My!!! Whatever shall we do? Other shows have teen sex, pre-marital sex, murder, nudity...but this?!? This can not happen! In the immortal words of Chris Brown {singer} "NO HOMO". What would be their cry if we protested the 700 club? Protested Pat Robertson?

I used to like going to CFA once in a while. Now? Now that I know they want to supress me or the ones I love. Now that I have realised they are in support of hate groups? My business goes elsewhere. This week a Wendy's Burgers in North Carolina posted signs on 86 different franchises that read "we stand with chick-Fil-A". Well corporate headquarters made them remove them. "It is not our beleif." is their claim. Well they noe have MY support. Just wait...the Mike Hukabees of the world and the OMM's will probably cry foul!!

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