Sunday, September 18, 2011

So really.....tell me the difference in law?

North Carolina Pastors are going to start to preach against Marriage Equality. See, N.C. is going to vote on a Constitutional Ammendment. Pastors statewide are using the bible and pulpit to proclaim what their God says. Now that is not my argument with them. They have that right. My argument with them is that they try every hand in the book to get us all to do Gods will. That they constantly go to Scripture for the law. "What does God say?" "What does Jesus say?" "What does the Bible say?" If they had it their way, there would be nothing done in this country unless it fit Gods book of laws. Sounds Theocratic to me. And last I checked, this was not a Theocracy.

Now, when it comes to Theocracy, there is a religion that does base everything on God and Gods Law. The religion of Islam. Many Christians condem them for their belief in Sharia Law. To define Sharia Law it is Muslim or Islamic Law, both civil and criminal justice as well as regulating individual conduct, both moral and personal. The custom -based body of law based on the Quran and Religion of Islam.

Let me take liberty and rephrase that. Christian law both civil and criminal, as well as regulating individual conduct, both moral and personal. The custom-based body of law based on the Bible and Holy Scriptures.

Now here's where I get stoned. WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE?!? Many Christians think they are the elite. They are the only righteous ones. Yet, when it comes to the laws of this land and the vote of the lawmakers, they want to throw the Bible in their faces. They used it against the slaves. They used it against the Jews. They used it against civil rights marchers. They use it to base their wars. It's been used and abused for so long. They even use it against themselves. To try and say their way of belief is better.

But to use it to try and change the laws of the land? That, my dear friend, is close to Sharia Law. I hear so many Christians condem Sharia. And I agree. It can not work.
That is whay there are so many sects of Islam. Sunni, Shiite, etc. They all have their way of interpreting it. Now, if we start using the Bible to make OUR laws, whos belief should it be?

Baptist? Penticostal? Presbyterian? Lutheren? Catholic? Maybe Mormon? Jehovahs Wittness? Christian Science? Calvin? Wesley? I know!!!!! PURITAN! that would cure it all. Afterall, they stoned you, beat you, imprisoned you for not following their ways.

So we really need to look inwards at ourselves and see just what God is saying to us on the law. It is a personal belief? or is it Christsharianity we need? Or is it to trust the law -makers we voted in.

Just asking.

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