Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Harvey

Well, it's Harvey Milks Birthday! Can you imagine what Gay Culture would be like today if he was still around? Oh, He's here in mind and spirit. But with his tenacity? Things would be much more accepted as the norm. I even suspect he would have run for Governor of this great state. {California}. Maybe even won! I look back on Harvey's life and see the many years he tried to run for supervisor. Over and over. Doing it without bitter complaint of loss. Then when the win happens, he doesn't focus on gay community only. He focus's on his community. Where he lived. Gay and straight. Young and old. Now I see us today. We only want whats best for us. Better lifestyle. Better understanding in schools. Better health care. Better this and that! What about the straight couple? The one that has lived together for years and never married? The couple that can't go to the hospital and make decisions. The one who can't inherit that social security. Hmm..starting to sound familiar? I believe that Harvey would have fought for them just as hard. I believe Harvey would have said "equal rights under the law for all". Not just "Gay rights now!" See, marriage is just a piece of paper and a ceremony. {Now I know I'll step on toes here..sorry} And, yes, I understand why we need the term Marriage. As to not look like 2nd class citizens. But, I look at my 70 year old neighbors, who have never married and been together 30 years, and ask myself who fights for them? You see, I believe that Harvey would have fought for them.

Just as hard as he would have fought for us! Harvey made himself likable to the community. He accepted everyone. Now I aint saying that we do not accept everyone! I'm saying that if we fight for equal rights under the law for all, then lets include the "all". Maybe, just maybe, we could gain a little acceptance with a little love. If we want to win then we need to "Milk" the system. "Milk" it with kindness. "Milk" it with acceptance. "Milk" it with understanding. Harvey once said "It's not my victory, it's yours and yours. If a gay can win, it means there's hope that the system can work for all minorities, if we fight. We've given them hope". I want to add to that by saying "Its not our victory, it's theirs and theirs. If the gay community can win, that means there's hope that the system can and will work for all communities, if we support each other, We've given the hope".

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